[STAR-782] (English subbed) Me That’s Gotten Smaller, With The Admired Wife Marina Shiraishi

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Nishi-Kun is an average salaryman who has Marina Shiraishi as a neighbor. Marina a married Mother living with his wife and son, but the thing is that Marina is an extremely gifted big-boobed and charming housewife.

The next day, while browsing the internet Nishi-Kun bumps into the pharmaceutics website and buys some aphrodisiac online. He is not even supposed to take it, because he doesn’t have a partner but he does swallow the pills anyways. The next morning he discovers, much to his surprise that his body has shrunk. He doesn’t know what’s going on and if that’s permanent, but gets some clothes for his new size and tries to cope.

Shortly later on, he bumps on the street with Marina Shiraishi and he notices that Marina doesn’t recognize him on his new short shape. And so, Nishi-Kun seizes this rare opportunity of getting close with Marina… Very close…


The first time I ever watched STAR-782 I didn’t like it much. Purely as a JAV fan, it wasn’t my cup of tea and that’s fine. Probably because I knew he was not going to perform much I watched with a huge bias on my mind. But some time later on, I decided to put aside my bias and I gave it a much more serious watch being able to enjoy this deranged story.

Even my original suspicions about the sex performance were founded (the movie is indeed almost 2 hours of preliminaries),  the thing is that there is something very mesmerizing and almost hypnotic about Nishi-Kun and Marina debating. They are both 2 very candid and sweet souls colliding in this movie.

Taking it a grain of salt I was able to enjoy it. And no doubt the movie is very well done. Directed by Nishi himself. 


Nishi is 26 years old and 109cm tall. He is an AV actor and director. This young man suffers from rhabdomyosarcoma and has Mucopolysaccharidosis.

He is used to be Youtuber, writer, club dancer, programmer and a host in the host club. His works were mostly related to IT until he joined the Adult sex industry and began doing celebrity acts on TV and magazines. He is currently a porno director, porno actor, and runs community it called Nishikun Club.

He was born in Tokyo, Japan. By age 3 he couldn’t move the left side of his body, neither the left side of his face, so he was bought to a hospital by ambulance, then he was told that he had rhabdomyosarcoma and cancer. The cancer was already at a complicated stage, so it was so hard to remove and he went to a big and famous hospital but it was hard to find a doctor who can deal with his particular condition.

By chance, he was able to receive an unplanned operation and it was a success. However, by age 6, he realized that his height would not continue to grow. Later, he found out that he had mucopolysaccharidosis. He was kind of unable to walk or wake up from bed by himself. They gave him only 20 years of life expectancy.

After even more surgery things improved a little. Maybe the reason for his optimism comes from Mother’s positivity and the strong belief that things can become better. He appreciates that.

When he was an elementary school or middle school student, he was already much shorter than other students. Also, it was really difficult for him to walk or do normal things and his Father told him that there are some things that you can’t do, but you can cope with your lacking if you have enough effort.

It is because of that, that Nishi-Kun wanted to do something different from other people. After entering high school, he focused on studying hard. He wanted to be a student at Tokyo University (the most prestigious university in Japan). He was planning to focus only on his studies, but before that, he also wanted to see the world.

In school, he did some research for high school on Japanese SNS and that was a big change for his life. His studies progressed very well and his grades very good, but living on a student dorm proved to be very difficult for him. So right after entering the place, he wanted to go home right away. But suddenly he overheard a girl say, “OMG! Sooooo cute!!”, that pretty girl with a very cute hairstyle and sexy clothes, hugged him all of a sudden.

This incident blew his mind. He always tried to cope with his “looks” by studying hard, but this sexy girl suddenly hugged him, even he found himself not worthy. This gave him the energy to go on.

But more than anything, Nishi-kun was very worried about the future and not being able to move functionally in the future, and about how he was going to be able to earn money later on. And at the same time he was stuck in a repetitive cycle: Staying at home, going to school, and seeing doctors… He decided to take action and planned like crazy.

He decided not to go to college and began attending various events. He got the chance to begin developing an iPhone app and joined an IT company, met with Tameike Goro purely by chance, and was able to join the adult sex industry for SOD.

People have prejudices toward the adult sex industry and it’s a big taboo to acknowledge that people with disabilities can engage in sex too,  he thought that he could become a pioneer in this matter and break some biases. At least, he wants to make the people thought about it. Plus he can “obtain money, fame, and power” (Quoting Nishikun words).

He is judged and admired by people alike, but most of all he is very pleased to be alive. And this is his life motto “Live on with all my strength to pass away in the best way”. Enjoying every single minute of his life.


[STAR-782] (English subbed) Me That's Gotten Smaller, With The Admired Wife Marina Shiraishi

[STAR-782] (English subbed) Me That's Gotten Smaller, With The Admired Wife Marina Shiraishi

[STAR-782] (English subbed) Me That's Gotten Smaller, With The Admired Wife Marina Shiraishi

[STAR-782] (English subbed) Me That's Gotten Smaller, With The Admired Wife Marina Shiraishi