[SSNI-321] Fresh Face NO.1 STYLE Shion Yumi AV Debut

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Yumi Shion AV debut. I was looking forward to this video and didn’t disappoint me.

What a riot. This girl is like a chubby loli with a ginormous pair of tits plus the ass. An incredibly cute face plus the tan skin. What a jackpot.

She is way chubbier than what I expected but that in this case works well. Her face is really stunning and I like that she has her own style and she stands out from the other girls.

Shion-chan is 19 and she looks and feels really young, and that’s a great thing. I cannot really judge her acting yet because the interview was too awkward and she was giggling all along. I assume she was a nerve wreck. But that’s expected (and intended) for a debut.

She has an incredibly high potential, and yeah, one of the most interesting debuts from this year, probably. I already checked the preview for her next video as-well, SNIS-343 and looks so great.

Name: Yumi Shion.
Japanese Name: 夕美しおん
Born: 1999-04-30
Height: 149
3-sizes: 100-63-95