[SNIS-989] Married Men Only Fan Thanksgiving Aoi Tsukasa And One Day Mistress Contract ~ Forget Family Familiar With S1 Actress And Desire!Gagi Lying Sleep Impolite Documents ~

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If there’s an AV release that makes me happy is this SNIS-989.

Aoi Tsukasa has been undergoing a series of scandals and bad-rep in her personal life lately, and she’s taking a break right now for the 2nd half of 2017.

Nothing indicates, yet, that Aoi Tsukasa could retire because of this problems, but is not a good sign that she straight away cancels months worth of events. In any case, I really hope that she makes a strong comeback for 2018.

SNIS-989 is a Fan thanksgiving, “affair” JAV. (Really ironic, because Aoi real scandal problems are related to affairs and such, really makes me LOL).

Aoi as always looks fantastic and classy.

The male actors were sleazy, to say the least, and disgusting to look at even. It really grinds my gears to see such a high-class pretty girl like Aoi get down with such a bunch of sorry-ass bastards.

WELL, I marked hard.

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