[ABP-908] 120% Natural Ingredients Derived from Suzumura Airi’s sweat soup! “Sweating Super Queen”!

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ABP-908 has to be one of the best prestige videos in a while, and it has plenty of 3 things:

  1. Buckets of sweat.
  2. Buckets of lewd happenings.
  3. Buckets of Suzumura Airi deep stares at the camera.

The quality of the sex scenes is really good and they do an impressive effort with the sex happenings and dirty stuff. Suzumura licks and swallows these middle-aged dudes sweat like there’s no tomorrow.

I consider ABP-908 a collection-worthy JAV. A lot of priceless stuff.

And with Shunka and Sonoda both gone, I guess Suzumura Airi will be Prestige’s new flagship girl? Or maybe Aine Maria… Besides Maria, Asuna Kawai and Suzumori Remu are pretty popular too nowadays. Even Nonoura Ata sells a lot of DVDs too.

[ABP-908] 120% Natural Ingredients Derived from Suzumura Airi's sweat! “Sweating Super Queen”!